Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Noobia Moved... so will the Blog!

Hey guys, yup... with Noobia Moving I thought a new blog address might be in order.... find the new blog here:


enjoy the new blog

Thursday, March 6, 2014

hi guys,

Noobia's been pretty quiet lately (other than we're starting to have spontaneous random parties again so join us on the dance floor whenever you can! If you want to come over when we do have one remember they tend to be spontaneous when lots of friendly people show up so bring friends!! While you're here you can look around the public areas (yeah we wouldnt walk in random homes in RL either).  See what we do and what we're all about and feel free to talk with staff: we're a friendly bunch.  While in Noobia you might see some unusual things and unusual people so remember to embrace the weird).  We like the busy times as much as the quiet times although the quiet times make us wonder how many Newbies are out there not getting the help they need.  If you see someone needing help please send them our way.

I know we haven't posted in a while but even with Noobia being quiet we're busy as bees working behind the scenes to help those who need it.  So here's the latest.

First I'm going to hop on a soap box here and talk about a couple of issues Noobia faces daily:
We've been seeing some squatters lately who seem to not accept the fact that after their 2 weeks free is up they can either rent a paid apartement or need to change their home point.  I know getting a free place to live is great but abusing the rules of a place that is there to help and taking a spot that can help someone else is really low and selfish.  We've only got a limited number of apartments and everyone gets the same options.  We try to be nice about it but we aren't going to let you stay in an apartment that someone else needs just because you "want to"  :/
That sort of goes hand in hand with coming back on an alt just to get a free place.  If you think it's worth the effort to keep making alts just to keep having a free place to stay then you're kind of missing the point.  That too is really low.  What do those things say about you guys?  Think about it.  We welcome you with open arms, we give tons of help (not limited to the 2 weeks of a free apt) and instead of growing and being friendly some of you turn around and lie, mooch/free load, etc when if you talk to us we'd be more than happy to help you out in any way we can including helping you find a sl job or a cheap place to rent if you cannot afford the 25 cents RL per week or the 20$ USD pre-paid credit card.  You can probably dig out change from your couch cushions, use it to rent an apt in noobia (and by doing so help those who helped you) and still have change left over to spend on anything you want/need in SL.
You guys forget one thing when you lie and abuse the Noobia system: We're here to help and we'd be happy to do what we can if you just stay honest and talk with us openly about why you need it but can't.
Anyway that's a pet peeve of mine and I hope the number of peeps that act like selfish spoiled children will decrease with time.

!!! We have a March promotion for the largest donator to help us pay tier and purchase things for our Residents and those who come to us for help.  We are, of course, a non-profit organization so every linden counts towards helping (100% of your donation goes to help Noobia).  !!!

This is the very notice as typed up by Paystreak:
This month’s prize for the person making the highest donation is a 3 day 3 night stay for free in a romantic themed private skybox.
The folks at Noobia ~ your favorite group of helpful people ~ and Sweet Love Retreat ~ the folks who operate high class romantic getaway spaces~ are bringing this months highest donor their choice of
Arabian Desert Oasis  - A nomad tent pitched in the desert - rich Arabian textures and themes and a romantic hot tub just out front to enjoy the views.

Cabin in the Woods – A secluded log cabin themed skybox with a deck and hot tub and views ranging from forest to a beautiful northern lake.

Jungle Pagoda – an open deck at the edge of the jungle with water all around. The bed in a pagoda like shelter with curtains open to the breeze. A romantic hot tub at the other end of the deck.

Space Station – your own private space pod. View of the world or of galaxies and stars slowly spin past and around you as you enjoy the comfort of the well animated bed or the in-floor hot tub.

Dungeon – An open concept Regular Home upstairs and a short tp to the dungeon below where a master’s throne and BDSM options await. 
(sorry no picture available at this time)

These are private and very upper end skyboxes that have gotten rave reviews from those lucky enough to try them. 
In the first four a surround view that can be changed to suit the mood gives a holodeck feel to them. The Dungeon is...well....a dungeon after all so looking outside is generally not a requirement. 
The bed and hot tub animations are excellent.
With the skybox comes access to a private garden with trees, flowers and wildlife and that has a pavilion with dancing and other animations. Great for picture taking and private moments together.
Each skybox has its own couples dance ball as well so a couple can spend as much time as possible in each others arms. 
The winner will be contacted and set up with a time that works for them.

We'd also like to introduce the new listing of staff members, as some of our long-time staff has come back and one new person joined our team:

Noobia Owners and Senior Mentors:

Sandy Miggins/Sandonna.Miggins
Elvy Miggins/ElvenLady

Noobia Manger

Xamie Pixeldust/Xamie

Staff (in order of how long they've been staff)

Amaya Miggins/Amaya21
Red Miggin / RedTwerksum
Ali Miggins/alikakadri 
HelenSexy Miggins/helen15

Trivia Quiz Master

Eximus (he doesn't have a tag per se and can't book you into an apartment but he IS staff and he will be happy to help with what he can)

Noobia Current DJ's

J.  R. (jaeaur.sapphire)
Stingray Miggins (linxsterstingray)

If you'd like to volunteer your time to help us help newbies, please pick up an application (available by clicking the panel by the online boards) and drop it in all 3 owner's Online Boards for review.  

Noobia co-owner

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seems we're having some trouble keeping staff because our script board expects people to be under 5.0 MB memory usage (this is to keep lag down).  Thing is, it's been working in educating Newbies about not getting permanently banned from Sims or Parcels they visit.  It's preventing them from lagging and crashing for the most part.

What it hasn't been able to do is teach those who have been in SL for years and have never bothered to lower their scripts on any of their outfits/shoes/hair.  For that reason we are looking for staff members who would be happy to help Noobies but aren't bothered by the script counter.

You must be patient, dedicated, knowledgable (or willing to learn new tips and tricks), preferably have experience in helping out others, respectful and have time to volunteer (Noobia is like a big family even if many of us don't share a last name).  You must understand that we are not giving Noobia tags at random to anyone who wants one.  We are also not volunteering with the idea of hooking up with Noobs so any staff member trolling Noobies for sex will be removed.  Same for recruiting for Bloodlines or Progeny!  Must not be afraid to be security as well.  At Noobia we are protective of our residents and former residents.  MUST KEEP DRAMA OUT!

If you'd like to embrace the weird, come drop a NC into the owner's online boards for more info.  Training is provided as well as staff info & rules.

Noobia Co-Owner


One of the things I love about my work in Noobia is that you get "adopted" at times by a noobie... as if you were a parent... idk what it is...maybe the fact that we are teachers in SL... or maybe that we're always giving good advice and helpful tips... but we end up being viewed as parents.  It's one of those weird things that just happens...

SL family relationships... they say friends are the family that chooses you, as opposed to blood relatives who didn't have a choice.  Well in SL you have that choice of "family" and sometimes it's a choice but sometimes it seems to just....happen....

Elvy asked me to get you guys a heads up on the Noobia Visitor Rules so that if you guys come to Noobia then you know exactly what is ok and what isn't.

We meet a lot of people and a small number of them don't know that we, for example, don't allow anyone other than residents in the apartments. A lot of the rules were put in place to protect residents and protect their rights to privacy.  So if you must complain about a rule, keep in mind that we've dealt with griefers of all types that love to prey and pick on newbies who don't always know how to defend themselves.  That said, staff can and will remove trouble makers.  It's part of our job.

First, here's how to get to Noobia:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serenity%20Cay/144/66/23

Second, here are the Visitor rules (the visitor rules notecard is available in the panels at the landing point):

Hi :)  

Welcome to noobia.  If you're here you may or may not be new to SL.  Either way we have a few rules we ask everyone who visits to follow so everyone can be respected and enjoy their time here.

1. you must be 18+ in RL and you cannot be here as a child avatar. 

   You're more than welcome to return as an adult avatar with appropriate adult behavior :)  It doesn't matter if you're a verified adult in RL.  No children, no exceptions

2. you can look around as you like so long as you don't enter a rented apartment.   

  If the rental box has a name on it, don't enter.  it's also possible that some rental boxes are over due on payment and so don't have a name on it.  If you really want to visit an apartment, any of our mentors or helpers would be glad to show you an empty one if any are available.  just ask.  Entering one without asking is just rude and can lead to you getting ejected from Noobia.

3. No nudity/biting/hunting/recruiting/sollicitation/No Weapons

  RP is a no in the public areas here although you can show up in your RP avatar.  if you rent an apartment then you may be naked ***within the walls of your apartment*** NOT in public.  You may bring guests as you wish so long as they don't grief the sim/parcel or anyone on premesis.  If someone notices you're in a certain lifestyle/rp then you may answer them but requesting bites and harassing anyone can get you ejected/banned.  It's fine if they approach you to ask.  Advertizing or wearing an advertizing group tag will lead to you being asked to change your tag while here.  Nude/Porn pictures will get you a request to change the image while on premesis as we are not an Adult sim.

If you wish to educate about your lifestyle/rp-ing we will be more than happy to arrange an informative session at a predetermined date and time that you may come give information along with a Q&A session.  This would allow any interested resident to come learn about it while preventing harassement to those who aren't interested and want nothing to do with that aspect of SL.  However we have an information center for that purpose.  If your group is not represented in our information center you're encouraged to submit a non-biased overvue of the lifestyle for us to offer :)  We will review the information before offering it.

and if a person tells you to stop talking to them, and you continue, there are consequences.  We take complaints very seriously.

No Weapons.  You are asked to remove all weapons and weapon huds/systems while in Noobia.  This is NOT a battle area.  Refusal to comply will not be tolerated.  No Weapons, No exceptions.

4. Respect is the word

   We're all a friendly bunch if you give us a chance.  However we do what we have to to keep Noobia a safe and pleasant place to learn about SL.  Disrespect will be answered with ejection/ban.  There are levels of disrespect, some of which we'll strongly recommend to people to block one-another if they don't get along...however there comes a point where we will eject/ban.  Verbal abuse of staff/mentors is one of those cases.  Refusal to cooperate with Noobia Staff will result in you choosing to not be here and lead to you being banned.  No one is forcing you to be here but while you are you may wish to consider that *we* make the rules on this parcel, not you :)

 5. If you need anything just ask our mentors/helpers to help :)  That's what they're here for.

 Simple, easy rules...and very few of them but very important for everyone to enjoy their SL experience.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay ^_^

Noobia Management

keep in mind that we're all there to help and willing to help even the kids however they cannot be on a M rated or A rated sim because of innapropriate content and Noobia is a M (mature/moderate) rated sim. As for children Avi's with proof of being 18+ in RL? Noobia is not a game. Noobia is not a roleplay sim.  It's a sim to help those just starting out on their SL journey.  Children avatar are both a roleplay and a liability as far as child porn and being proposed for sex by horny newbies and well, we don't allow it.  Anyway all 3 of Noobia's current owners are moms in RL so do the math :)

If you come to Noobia seeking help and you're already in a lifestyle like Gor or BDSM, make sure you have your Owner's permission to interact with staff members of Noobia before coming over.  We simply cannot help you if you refuse to talk to us.  

Noobia Mentor


And finally a List of our Staff as it has recently changed a bit.... (well the Founder of Noobia never changes so we won't re-list him every time loll)

Noobia Owners and Senior Mentors:

Sandy Miggins/Sandonna.Miggins
Elvy Miggins/ElvenLady

Noobia Manger

Xamie Pixeldust/Xamie

Staff (in order of how long they've been staff)

Ali Miggins/alikakadri 
Paystreak (moonlights as DJ Streak)
HelenSexy Miggins/helen15 (still on vacation so her board isn't up at this time)

Trivia Quiz Master

Eximus (he doesn't have a tag per se and can't book you into an apartment but he IS staff and he will be happy to help with what he can)

We have DJ's again in Noobia so we're going to plan a lot of parties!!! :D Yayyyyyy!!!

Paystreak (also a Mentor)
J.  R. (JaeauR Sapphire)
StiŊցЯαყ ოιցgíηS (linxsterstingray)

if you would like to DJ in Noobia let us know!

currently we have no other staff members.  If this changes we will update the list on the blog :)

Noobia Co-Owner

Friday, January 31, 2014

Another day in Noobia with Staff helping out noobs, protecting residents and this time we've been featured on another blog so we're gonna return the favor loll.

Surprises abound when you volunteer on a noobie help sim or parcel... the stories we could tell... and on this blog, we will!! hehehe

well it's probably best that you read it directly from the woman who came to Noobia...~grin~ You can check out her blog at this address:


Noobia Senior Mentor

Now for a brief public announcement and warning

Please be aware that many have come to Noobia to try and help newbies.  Some have great intentions in doing so... a kind heart and a wish to help others and we can appreciate that, however most of those who come to try and "help" are lacking the knowledge to do so and more than a few had less than noble intentions in offering help... (i.e. i'll help a newbie to get them eternally grateful to me and then i can guilt them to have $ex with me hehehe).  IT's why I am posting today on this topic.
We've had some residents pretending to be staff as well and when found out they have gotten their tushy banned for lying about who they are (Only those who lied though as many of them can at least point you to the online boards and offer assistance in using them which we appreciate, as opposed to telling you they are staff).

Be aware when coming to Noobia that staff members have a "Noobia Mentor" and "Noobia Senior Mentor" tag above their name.  If you can't see those group tags yet or if you suspect one was copy botted illegally, please tab one of the online boards (if the person helping you either has only a "NoobiaN" or "Noobia Resident" tag they are residents or former residents but not staff.  If they have any other tag, or they do not have an online board they are not staff... and to be sure you guys know who is, i'll list them here :)

Noobia Founder
Sumo Seda

you can probably send him a notecard inworld to tell him what an amazingly wonderful idea Noobia is ;)

Noobia Owners and Senior Mentors:
Sandy Miggins/Sandonna.Miggins (she has made Noobia the place it is now)
Elvy Miggins/ElvenLady

Noobia Manager

Xamie Pixeldust/Xamie

Staff (in order of how long they've been staff)

Ali Miggins/alikakadri 
Hazel/Hazel.romano (although she had tons of experience and helps on many many other Noobie sims)
Helen Sexy Miggins/helen15 (she's on vacation and can't get on a laptop to put her board up yet)

Trivia Quiz Master

Eximus (he doesn't have a tag per se and can't book you into an apartment but he IS staff and he will be happy to help with what he can)

currently we have no other staff members.  If this changes we will update the list on the blog :)

Our staff are experts in many fields aside from having a kind heart, tons of patience and a desire to help those who really need it.  That said we do not cater to alts trying to mooch an apartment and they will be dealt with accordingly for trying to rob someone of the room&board they need in order to learn in a safe and friendly environment. Sorry if this sounds harsh but we do not play mind games in Noobia and have no tolerance or patience for liars and griefers.  We prize honesty.

Now so far we've mentioned helping newbies but I want it clear that if you are older than 30 days to SL or are returning after a long time, the help is available to everyone even if the apartments are not :)  In fact we've helped a few older SL peeps lower their script count, fix some graphics or computer issues (some of our staff know more than others onthe subject and would be glad to help) and other general or specific help.

On that note I would like to say:

Don't Mess with Noobians or they'll get all helpful on your tushy...resistance is futile ;P

First days in SL and plenty of weird to embrace

My name is Paystreak people call me Pay
Like Alikakadri (Ali) I was very lucky to have found Noobia quickly - within three days of coming to SL.
I had come to SL to learn about how it operated and to see first-hand how it could be used to create financial opportunities for someone in RL. As an experienced gamer I figured that I was ahead on the curve on the skills needed to operate in a virtual world. To some degree it may have helped but right from the start I knew that this was a world that was so variable and sometimes so bizarre that for the first day I was mostly just trying to grasp the basics of moving around while surrounded by surreal input from every direction.
I have described the early days of SL like Mardi Gras on acid. The surroundings were dreamlike and the people I encountered were either just as confused as I was or obviously comfortable and operating at a level that I could only envy. For the first two days I both wallowed and revelled in this brave new world I had come to. At every turn there was something that made me wonder just what the heck I was getting into. Within hours of arriving I was lurching around Galaxy Mall in my starter avatar trying to figure out ....well.....EVERYTHING and finding lots of opportunities to be reminded just how mind numbingly different things could be here.
I vividly remember standing in the mall looking at a box labelled “Box of c*cks” and thinking “ok I know what they are but why are they in a box,.... in a mall.... and who would want to collect them??”
It’s my own fault really. There is ample info about SL on the net and some great starter learning places. I was even shown some of them in the getting started intro that came up when I first signed in. I could have saved myself all sorts of confusion but oh nononono not me, I was just gonna jump in blind and see where it all lead.
Where it lead was me trying to figure out how to get anywhere but between the start point and the place I ended up by tapping a board. I could go back and forth between about four places – a start point –a mall –another empty store that felt like I was in some sort of apocalypse movie where I was the last person on earth and a beach where naked people ignored me until I got like three people trying to chat to me about the most intimate of stuff. I did not understand the land mark system or tps or how to find new ones but I knew that sl had to be bigger than that! By a fluke I discovered flying and thus for maybe an hour began a cross SL trek of the most awkward kind. Fly really high look down and fly then land someplace new. Fly drop repeat. I was getting places ....slowly. No rhyme or reason. No direction. I figured that there had to be easier ways but I was in a hurry to just discover so off I went. Then I discovered the map and zooming in and out and now I could zap to places using the map. WOW now I was really getting the hang of this SL thing!
I had no idea how to check on the places I was headed so every new poof was a doorway to ...something. I had no terms of reference for a lot of it. Welcome to the Neko club? What the heck is that? Who cares ..next!!!! Vampires?? They got vampires here??!!! Yikes!! NEEEEXT!!!! Another beach – what is with all these beaches and naked people???? Neeeeext! Well maybe not in a big hurry – maybe one drink ackkkk! Nexxxt!
By my third day I had seen a lot of stuff that made no sense and I was busy adding to that pile when I struck disaster. In a attempt to zap to a new place I got stuck hanging in mid air. I could not move, I could not see the ground, I was in limbo. I hung there trying things and other than discovering new ways to move my cam around me I was going nowhere. As I hung in space I noticed a flashing tab on my chat box. I had used chat maybe three times talking to people or trying to but the flashy light was new. What the heck may as well push it, I wasn’t going anywhere anyway.
A new window opened and the words, “Hello are you ok?”
Yikes? Where were they broadcasting from? How did they see me? Was I trespassing and in trouble?
I replied that I was stuck and could not move and a very patient person talked me through accepting a tp and getting out of there.
I had been found and saved by a member of Helping Haven. He got me to the ground in a sim where nobody was speaking English and after some initial difficulty in communication he figured out I was new (as if THAT wasn’t obvious) and had no clue (also obvious). He took me to Helping Haven and the people there were absolutely fantastic. Helpful and kind and very tolerant of outright dumb. They did not comment about what I had done to my avatar in an attempt to customize it when I discovered I could play with appearance sliders. I should not have played with the sliders..............really.
Nevertheless my Frankenavi was not made fun of and I got some great help. As I wandered around on their parcel grabbing free stuff I didn’t know how to use and reading things that were over my head I came across a sign that said “First home in second life – free”, and I thought well I have no idea why I might need a home but I could be hanging out here awhile so why not, and I took that tp to Noobia. It was late at night and I landed in an empty hotel lobby.  A sign there explained that new people under 30 days could get a free apartment for 2 weeks. Sounded good – no idea why yet but hey it was free and I had an inventory bulging with free stuff so more free couldn’t hurt. Plus two whole weeks! Man I would have everything figured out in two weeks noooo problem. I was not sure how I was supposed to get this apartment so I stood there........hmmmmmmm......... maybe if I read the sign again.... but harder??? After awhile I followed my usual procedure in sl and just wandered around looking at everything, taking anything free that was not nailed down and generally poking at stuff. I came around a corner and found a bunch of pictures on the wall and figured out that it was a contact system for staff. I picked one that had a picture of a pretty girl who had a nice vibe and tapped a board that would change my life. She answered me!!! I asked about the apartment and she said she would be there to help shortly. I waited for a minute and then ...wow ....in walked a cute girl with wings (very attractive in an angelic sorta way) and elf ears, 3 days into sl and it did not phase me a bit – on her they were perfect***. This was my first time to meet Elvy, one of Noobia’s hard working volunteer mentors and a person who would become a big part of my sl life.
My sl adventure was truly about to begin.

***If you are not yet familiar with Second Life and elf ears and wings seem strange to you, oh lordy are you in for a treat when you come here! Trust me in two weeks you won’t blink an eye as you stand around chatting with a 12 foot tall demon, a 3 foot chinchilla, a talking horse, a sorta human with what look like cat ears and a wagging cat tail, a loin clothed barbarian princess, and assorted lol “normal” people.  Please refer to my assessment made in the early part of my post...Mardi Gras.......on acid.......govern yourself accordingly.

Friday, January 24, 2014

hey :)

I'm alikakadri... or as i'm known in SL right now ali.

I guess you might say that I'm one of the lucky ones as SL noobies go.  I found Noobia almost right away and didnt meet with any issues other than the regular being a noobie stuff.  Maybe because when I was new some of the Noobia staff would roam around the landing zones and point those who wanted help learning in the right direction.  I was brought to Noobia shortly after I landed in SL and I haven't looked back. Too many places I visited since were unfriendly although I have left Noobia from time to time to explore I always come back.  Noobia is and always will be my home.

I look forward to sharing the daily weird with you guys <3
Hi!  I'm Elvy. Welcome to my new blog.

This is a big part of my sl journey that I want to share with you. but i won't be the only one posting on here.  See, i asked my friends Alika and Paystreak to blog with me so sometimes they'll post stuff too!

Here's a little bit of background to get to know me.

I came to SL (that's Second Life) over a year ago.  An online friend had mentioned it a year before...yeah i know! a year to think about it before joining... but eventually i joined out of curiosity.  For 2 weeks I roamed SL with terribly messed up graphics and very little in the way of help.  I was greeted by a nice guy named Rocko who gave me a tiny bit of help... the first kind soul in a completely alien virtual reality.... I was too confused to retain his full name and didn't know how to save landmarks.  Blinded by a landscape of gigantic pink and purple blocks (that's how bad my graphics were) and the occasional basic landscape when one did load I tried exploring a bit.  I thought about quitting a lot but....something.... kept me coming back.... and I found Freebie Galaxy.... everyone ends up at FG at some point if they explore SL... there i found a 2nd good samaritan in the form of a Vampire King who warned me about bites and told me about the garlic necklace... armed with the only thing i knew: doing searches, i looked for info on the garlic and found those who preach by it.  I sent a msg and got sent one with instructions.  I'd already found one poor soul of a newly bitten avi who had asked me if i would let him bite me.... and i had refused.  it was lucky of me that it was not one of those who know what they are doing and prey on noobs that i had met... he went on his way and did not bother me...i now wonder what became of that one who was one of so many avi's who get bitten early on and not told what they get into (bloodlines)...left to fend for themselves and learn on their own (struggle would be more accurate)
i found a club i liked (closed now) and hung around there until someone made an alt and griefed it and all noobs were blocked from going.  in a way it pushed me to search for noobie friendly places and 2 weeks into my SL experience I found Noobia.

What happens after that is that my entire SL experience changed. It improved ten folds and became my home.  I found I belonged there, in Noobia.  The place and the people that made/make Noobia what it is are difficult to explain if you haven't been there.  The people are amazing (unless you're a liar and a trouble maker) and somehow Noobia has become a special place where the more time you spend there the more you find yourself.  It is beyond a virtual world.

So my journey in Noobia began with meeting Sandy along with a couple of the residents who lived there at the time.  Sandy, although I didnt know it at the time, is Noobia's owner.  We became fast friends confiding in each other and she helped me with so much that I could never hope to repay her for it all, including rescuing me from terrible graphics!

the rest i will explain later as time passes but eventually i was asked to become staff... and accepted... how could i refuse to help people when i'd been helped so much and i love to help anyway??

my Noobia journey began...